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Description Odissi, a dance which developed in the East Indian state of Orissa is rooted in the dances performed by temple dancers (devadasi). It is usually performed by a solo female dancer, who acts out all the roles in legends from ancient epics. In the modern day, it may be performed together by 2 or more dancers. The Odissi dance depicts stories about the 8 incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu, expressing deep love and strong faith in him. The detailed expressiveness of Odissi is comparable to that of Bharatanatyam, a traditional dance from the South Indian region. Its movements are restrained in scale, and a half-sitting posture with the legs bent at the knees is maintained during the dance. Unlike Khattak which involves the stretching of the arms, the arms remain curved in Odissi and there are over 50 different traditional hand gestures. The head, chest and torso are used to accentuate femininity, and the curves of the dance are emotive and sensual. The movements of the eyes and facial expressions are highly important. It is one of the oldest dances in India together with Bharatanatyam. Characteristics: ∙One of the 8 major traditional dances recognized by the Indian government ∙Originates from a religious dance performed by Devadasi female dancers in Hindu temples Performed by Papia Desai Directed by Papia Desai Choreographed by Papia Desai
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