Kusunda Community
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    Manage No SS00000181
    Stakeholder Category Community
    Country Nepal
    Name of Representative Gyani Maiya Sen
Description Kusunda is one of the former hunter-gatherers of western Nepal. Currently, no single person of the tribe is living in the jungle. Due to lack of marriageable population, Kusunda started marrying people from the villages and gradually settled in villages. nGyani Maiya Sen, 92, is one of the last speakers of the Kusunda language. She is also the last surviving member of the tribe who until nine years of age lived with her parents in the jungle. Currently, Gyani Maiya lives with her grandchildren in a house in Lamahi, Dang. She often teaches Kusunda among children and enthusiasts. Gyani Maiya fears that the Kusunda language will be lost along with her.

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