News Inviting the New Partner Organizations for ichLinks February 22, 2022 admin
  • ICHCAP is recruiting the new Partner Organizations for ichLinks, an ICH Information-Sharing Platform in the Asia-Pacific.

    ichLinks was opened in March 2021 as an online platform(www.ichlinks.com) that provides services related to ICH in cooperation with UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region. So far, about 9,000 archive data and 38 special contents are being serviced.

    Partner Organizations are designated among the representative institutions in charge of collecting and managing ICH data of each country. So far, ichLinks has partnered with 12 organizations in 12 countries, and the list of current Partner Organizations can be found here.

    When designated as a Partner Organization, it can take part in the Executive Committee, and share the ICH data possessed by the organization through ichLinks. Moreover, it can receive the financial and technical supports for building an ICH database, developing ICH content, recruiting project staff, purchasing necessary equipments or IT consultation, upon their request.

    Organizations wishing to apply can fill out the attached application form and submit it to the ichLinks Secretariat (ichlinks.secretariat@gmail.com) by 25 March 2022 (Fri).

    We look forward to your participation.

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