Mongol chess
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    Country Mongolia
    ICH Domain Traditional craft skills
    throughout the Mongolia
Description Shatar or Mongolian chess is considered to be the king of the board games. It needs keen intelligence, creative thinking, and patience; chess is a type of intellectual sport. There is even a folk saying that chess players live longer. Although there is no official affirmation of this, it is said that chess originated in Mongolia in the period of the Huns. Mongolian chess is one of the various board games that are part of the intellectual fund of humanity that has been shaped by nomadic Mongolians. In terms of figures, terms, and movements, Mongolian chess is distinctive from European chess and its theme is more closely linked to the herding livelihood. Rather than themes of armies and war, Mongolian chess manifests the peace-loving mentality of animal farming people. Mongolian chess also contains a complex of figures representing various animals, well-known wrestlers, archers, soldiers, herders and other kinds of celebrities.
Social and cultural significance Chess is played by adults and children as part of entertainment in families.
Transmission method by apprenticeship training
Community general population
Information source
National Center for Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of Mongolia

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