What is ICH Links?

ichLinks is a one-stop online platform where you can easily meet a wide range of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) information shared by and with Asia-Pacific Member States.
We coined the term as a portmanteau of “ICH” and “Links”, referring to the mutual connections made among ICH and its stakeholders through the platform.


ichLinks contributes to improving the quality of life and the sustainable development of ICH communities through sharing information in the Asia-Pacific

VISION & GOALS (2020-2025) ichLinks creates various opportunities for stakeholders in the field of ICH
  • Goals 01

    Expand partners of ichLinks

  • Goals 02

    Expand ICH data collection

  • Goals 03

    Expand public interests and practices on ICH

  • Goals 04

    Stabilize and advance ichLinks system

Core Values of ICH Links

Decentralization of roles and responsibilities, openness and sharing in data management, and enhancing sustainability of ICH through an effective safeguarding ecosystem are three core values that ichLinks pursues in its operation. Under these principles, ichLinks shall serve as an integrated, one-stop platform that operates with active participation of and fervent exchange among participating Member States.

  • Decentralization
  • Openness And Sharing
  • Sustainability

What are shared through the ICH Links?

ichLinks provide multiple layers of ICH information and content tailored to the needs of various groups. Among them, key resources about ICH elements, resources, stakeholders, and news & events form the primary layer, and provide the most essential data to users with regular updates.


    Images, videos, audios and texts about Asia-Pacific Member States’ ICH elements


    Books, articles, reports and other important materials about ICH within the region


    Information on policy-makers, researchers, institutes, NGOs, museums, cultural centers, communities, and practitioners


    Timely news and events such as exhibitions, performances, conferences, seminars, call for papers and other cultural events

These key resources can be used to create different forms of appealing content that build up the secondary layer.
They may include specially curated collections and exhibitions, storytelling, GIS-based VR and AR presented through advanced ICT technologies.

  • MR

How ICH Links works

ichLinks works best with ICH information agencies duly recommended by ministries of culture or other competent organizations in forty-eight Asia-Pacific Member States.
  1. 1Data Collection

    Collection and Screening

    • Collection collecting Asia-Pacific ICH resources
    • Screening screening the Collected resources
    • Storage storing the select resources
  2. 2Data Prosessing

    Smart Curation

    • Processing and curation cultural and knowledge content
    • Information Presentation customized content development
  3. 3Creative Content Development

    Presentation and integration

    • Prenetation curating ICH resources in three types, art, knowledge, and Information type
    • Integration and convergence
      • art Content
      • educational content
      • cultural product development
  4. 4Building Systematic Cycle

    Active Use and Cooperation

    • Safeguarding providing ICH resoursces for their embodiment
    • Use providing ICH resoursces in line with other fields
    • Exchange distributing and sharing ICH information
    • Cooperation facilitating exchange and cooperation
Step 1. Data Collection

Asia-Pacific ICH information and content shall be collected from a variety of information providers and treated for systematic data management.

Step 2. Data Processing

The data collected above shall be specially curated and presented in various forms of appealing ICH content, tailored to the needs of different user groups.

Step 3. Creative Content Development

The ICH information and content shall be recreated to provide an optimal audience experience and contribute to ICH safeguarding goals.
They can also be integrated or merged with different fields, e.g. art, culture, and education, to produce secondary or tertiary creations.

Step 4. Building Systematic Information-Sharing Cycle

Building ichLinks as the Asia-Pacific ICH information-sharing platform shall facilitate and strengthen ICH safeguarding, creative utilization, active exchanges and cooperation among various ICH stakeholders. The platform shall bring about social and economic opportunities to Member States and their ICH communities, and further develop a better understanding of other cultures and foster mutual respect and peace among ourselves.


Any organizations responsible for generating, collecting, and maintaining ICH-related information in the Asia-Pacific UNESCO Member State can be the Partner Organization of ichLinks.

Please join as an ichLinks partner organization and use the platform as a digital window to promote your cultural heritage to the people around the globe. Those who wish to join, please find the application form and send us to the following email addresses.

  • ichlinks.secretariat@gmail.com