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Andong Mask Dance Festival
Description Andong plays host to the Mask Dance Festival which started out as a 2-day event back in 1997. Mask Dance Festival takes place in Andong, home of the UNESCO World Heritage designated Andong Hahoe Village. The festival includes various cultural performances including Korea's mask dance drama, an intangible cultural heritage, and mask dance performances from around the world. Today, it lasts 10 days and is packed with activities, shows, performances, festivities that take place all around the city. It’s one of the coolest and most traditional Korean cultural festivals in the country. The festival evolved from being mainly shamanists to an occasion where the common people could make fun of the people with a higher power, like monks, noblemen, and government officials. Although there are celebrations all around the city during this South Korean festival, most of the happenings are concentrated around the main site which is the Mask Dance Park.
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