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Eunsan Byeolsinje Festival
Description Eunsan Byeolsinje is Korea's traditional shamanism ceremony which is selected as the ninth Important Intangible Cultural Property of Korea next to Ganggang sullae. It is performed mainly in eunsanri eunsanmyeon Chungcheongnam-do Buyeo Korea by a shaman. In eunsanmyeon Chungcheongnam-do Buyeo, shaman have a ritual for a mountain spirit every beginning of the year and have a special a ritual for ghosts every other year. There is a mountain in the north of the Eunsan Market about 70–80 meters high and there are a shrine at the south of the mountain. It was started to console the ghosts of the town for the health of local residents. According to the writing of the shrine, Eunsan Province was a battle field in Baekje and the ghosts of soldiers were remained to make an infectious disease and natural disaster. So people in town made the shrine to stop disaster. Eunsan Byeolsinje is held every other year. The annual ceremony which is held at Byeolshindang, the shrine, is called Sanje and the other biennial ceremony, Byeolsinje, is much bigger than the Sanje.
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