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Jeongseon Arirang Festival
Description Jeongseon Arirang Festival is an annual festival usually held in October in effort to preserve and develop the oldest arirang in Korea, Jeongseon Arirang, an intangible cultural heritage. Many events and programs are held, with the festival's main event being the performance of Arirang folk song. Variations of Arirang from different regions will also be performed. Jeongseon Arirang, along with other Arirang, are traditional Korean folk songs about love and the joys and sorrows of life. Local residents want to keep and pass along the spirit of the Jeongseon Arirang. Since 1976, they have held the Jeongseon Arirang festival. The purposes of the festival are many. As mentioned above, people feel the spirit of Jeongseon Arirang. It is also a time to play traditional games and hand down traditional folk customs to the younger generation. The festival brings people together and builds a unity within the city. Also, in 1977, a Jeongseon Arirang Tombstone was built on Mt Bee Bong. JeongSeon Arirang was written by a group of seven scholars from the Goryeo dynasty.
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