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Gaziantep International Gastronomy Festival
Description The Festival aims to make Gaziantep one of top-five gastronomy destinations. In addition, Gaziantep is the first city from Turkey in UNESCO Creative Cities Network. As this festival is fully supported by local community, this feature of the festival may contribute to the community-related aspect of the network. With one million visitors from all over Turkey and abroad annually, Gaziantep International Gastronomy Festival has significant power and potential for the development of cultural tourism and visibility of ICH. Gaziantep’s cuisine culture, which has been shaped by the local producers’ choice of local products, has reached an international vision through this festival. Chefs with Michelin stars, representatives of other UNESCO Creative Cities Network, representatives of the national and foreign press, universities, gourmets, writers, agricultural producers and farmers got together in this festival. So that, the festival is a remarkable destination for cultural tourism and visibility of ICH.
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