04 Leading the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage in Niue : Mataginifale Women's Group
  • Manage No DI00000966
    Country Niue
    Author Birtha Lisimoni-Togahai and Loseligipepe Tagali Siakimotu
    Published Year 2016
    Language English
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Description Leading the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage in Niue: Mataginifale Women's Group Mataginifale Women's Group (MWG) was established in the 1980s under the name of Avatele Women's Group. However, in the 1990s, its members decided to change its name to better reflect the unique status of the women, and named the organization after Mataginifale, a female warrior from Avatele born around 700AD. Mataginifale is synonymous with tapa making, a cultural tradition not just in Avatele but in Niue as a whole. Therefore, the members agreed to adopt the word as the new brand for their group. "Brand" in this context should not be confused with "brand" here reflects Mataginifale's traits as a bold, adventurous, and confident artist that the next generations wish to emulate.
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