Republic of Korea - Dongnae Hakchum
Description This is a reconstruction of the hakchum (crane dance), transmitted in Dongnae, Busan. Hakchum was so named because of its resemblance to the movements of cranes, but is not meant to be a realistic imitation. It was performed by officials in the Dongnae government office, or men of leisure in brothels, within the context of the strict class system of Joseon. It is modest but elegant and dignified. Characteristic moves include the waving of the arms, standing with one foot raised, the stretching and folding of wings, and the baegimsae step, performed by lightly swaying left and right or bobbing up and down with the left leg bent and placed in front, and right foot stretched behind. Characteristics: · Dancer performed by officials in government offices or men of leisure at brothels Performed by Busan National Gugak Center Dance Company
Manage No VI00000814 Running Time 5:36
Country Republic of Korea
ICH Domain Performing Arts
Videos Photographer Asia Dance Culture Institute Year Oct 17, 2012
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