Dr. Keneshbek Almakuchukov
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    Stakeholder Category Expert
    Country Kyrgyzstan
    Affiliated institution National History Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Position researcher
Description Keneshbek Almakuchukov is a researcher at the National History Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic. He is a Doctor of Economics (economics of culture). The topic of his doctoral dissertation was dedicated to “Marketing management in the sphere of culture”. Dr. Almakuchukov has published a total of 36 scientific papers, including 7 monographs, and 3 textbooks. He is also the head of the Public Foundation "Central Asia - Arts Management" which implements projects to support and develop bio-cultural diversity in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. His Foundation is well know for the organization of annual International Jazz Festivals since 2006 in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. In total, the foundation has organized about 17 International Jazz Festivals. In 2021, Dr. Almakuchukov was in charge of the First Biennial (Forum) of Cultural Initiatives. The Biennale included an exhibition of the results of projects of 20 public organizations in the socio-cultural sphere, more than 20 creative events (master classes, performances, etc.), as well as a business program (panel sessions, open lectures, etc.). Currently, he is engaged in museum activities and continues his research of cultural heritage-related topics.
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Field of expertise National identity, cultural studies, state (municipal) cultural policy, cultural management, cultural marketing, tourism marketing, monitoring and evaluation of government programs, tourism economics, cultural economics, project management, creative industries, museum management and marketing, policy paper writing.

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National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO

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