Kazakhstan National Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage

Kazakhstan National Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage was established by the UNESCO National Commission in 2012, after joining to the Convention (2003). The ICH National Committee works with the communities and ICH bearers on identifying the ICH elements across the country and making surveys of the traditional knowledge manifestations and performances in some of the areas of Kazakhstan. By today the national inventory of the ICH elements compiles of more than 50 elements. 11 ICH elements were inscribed to the UNESCO Representative List, and 6 of it were multinational nominations.

Safeguard intangible cultural heritage to promote cultural diversity and sustainable development.
Increased access to it by communities and individuals, research institutions and tourist associations
Identifying the ICH elements and revising the National ICH Inventory
Providing Expert Technical Assistance to the central and local authorities on ICH
Information Sharing and Raising Awareness
Training on ICH Safeguarding and Sustain the Good Practice

· Training Workshops and Seminars, Exhibitions and Fares

· ICH Dissemination by means of Mass Media, Video Production and Academic Rese

· Capacity Building of ICH Bearers Communities and Individuals

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c/o National Commission D.Kunaev Street, 31 Nur-Sultan 010000 Kazakhstan