Events 2021 ichLinks Open Archive Contest October 24, 2021 admin
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    ICHCAP is planning to hold ichLinks Open archive contest from October 25 to November 25.

    ichLinks Open archive aims to be performed as a channel for discovering and sharing the ICH stories around our daily lives.

    Safeguarding ICH needs our interest and attention rather than special people or devices.

    Through diverse viewpoints from the public, ichLinks Open Archive would like to meet various ICH stories with various aspects and the value of cultural diversity.

    ICHCAP will select a total of 51 winners and give them prizes. The awards to be offered in each category are; First Prize for 1 person, The second Prize (10 people), The third Prize (40 people).

    The contest is open for everyone. Applicants can join the ichLinks platform through SNS and register their submissions.

    ICHCAP expects that the contest will help raise public awareness of ICH in their daily lives, which leading ICH safeguarding.

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