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Zulfi Pareshon (Shashmaqam in Dushanbe)
Description Zulfi Pareshon is a traditional song of Tajikistan that sings the love story between lovers with lyrics written by Mirza Abdul-Qadir Bedil. Shashmaqam (means the six Maqams (modes)) is a Central Asian musical genre (typical of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) which firstly developed in Bukhara. Shashmaqom (in Farsi - "Six maqoms") is a leading musical-cyclic genre of musical heritage of Uzbek and Tajik people. It includes a cycle of complex and perfect instrumental as well as vocal compositions encompassing different types of melos, forms, usuls (rhythmic formulae) and performances. It is inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008.
Manage No VI00000339 Running Time 04:05
Country Tajikistan
ICH Domain Performing Arts
Videos Photographer EBS Year 2016
Place The Tajikistan State Symphony Orchestra, Dhshanbe, Tajikistan
File Size 307MB Definition
File Format M4V(360°VR)
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