Beopseongpo Danoje (Dano Festival of Beopseongpo)
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    Manage No EE00002251
    Country Republic of Korea
    ICH Domain Performing Arts
    Jeollanam-do Yeonggwang-gun
    Year of Designation 2012.07.23
Description [National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Republic of Korea] Beopseongpo Danoje is a traditional folk festival held annually around Dano, or the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, in the Beopseongpo area of Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do. During the Joseon Period, Beopseongpo was one of the major trading areas on the Korean Peninsula due to the presence of a warehouse for storing tax grains and a famous seasonal fish market selling yellow corvinas. Thanks to these favorable social and economic circumstances, a large open-air market usually opened whenever the fish market was held, and a local folk festival naturally developed in this area as a result. The festival features diverse programs related to the well-preserved characteristics and traditions of the Beopseongpo area, such as the dragon king ritual held for fishermen’s safety, women’s boating, and artistic competitions in the nearby forest.
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