Teaching and learning with and about intangible cultural heritage in Asia and the Pacific: survey report
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    Author ICHCAP
    Published Year 2020
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Description UNESCO has officially published a report on a survey on the use of “living heritage” in school education in the Asia-Pacific region. The report was a result of a survey conducted jointly by the UNESCO Bangkok Office and ICHCAP in 2019, sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, and was written based on 777 responses from 170 schools in 21 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
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INDONESIA: Improving writing and analytical skills through ICH SMA Negeri 1 Purwosarischool, Pasuruan, Indonesia
CHINA: A school programme that sparks interest in traditional crafts and medicine Shanghai Zhongguo High School, China
LAO PDR: Teaching mathematics with local resources Chompet Secondary School, Lao PDR
MONGOLIA: A multi-faceted programme to promote local heritage Khan-Uul Complex School, Mongolia
THAILAND: Networks to support performing arts and local heritage in primary school Ban Ku Ku Kindergarten and Primary School (Phuket, Thailand)
NEPAL: Reducing dropout rates through integrating local practices into school activities Panshakanya Secondary School, Chhauni, Nepal
PHILIPPINES: A creative approach to bringing heritage into schools President Sergio Osmeña Senior High School, Philippines
SRI LANKA: Comparing ancestors’ technologies with today’s sciences Mahinda College (Sri Lanka)

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