Session 3. Regional Collaboration amongst Higher Education Institutions for ICH Safeguarding
  • Manage No DI00000991
    Country Republic of Korea
    Author Dr. Cristina Ortega Nuere, Professor, University Oberta of Catalunya Former President, European Network for Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC) Dr. Jacob Mapara, Acting Director, Institute of Lifelong Learning and Development Studies, Chinhoyi University of Technology Prof. Mónica Guariglio, National University of Avellaneda – UNDAV (Argentina) Coordinator of ReCAPCILAC Network of Academic Cooperation in Intangible Cultural Heritage of Latin America and the Carribean Ms. Injee Kim UNESCO Bangkok Office , Monica Guariglio , Jacob Mapara
    Published Year 2020
    Language English
    Copyright Copyright
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Description This third session of the ICH Webinar Series attempts to have a deeper engagement with ideas of building cooperation and networking among higher education institutions for ICH safeguarding. Primarily, this session aims to examine the state of networking activities in different regions around the world, how networks were formed, and how they became functional associations for the study of ICH. Furthermore, the session looks into what it means to be in such kind of network, their significance to teachers, students, non-teaching professionals in higher education settings, research, community service, and intellectual exchange, amongst others. Finally, the session intends to address questions of expandability of networks, with emphasis on the possibility of inter-regional cooperation.

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